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Summer Safety Tips

Post Date:06/21/2017 1:56 PM

Your firefighters want you and your family to have a safe and enjoyable summer.  So be safe and follow these tips: 

  • Never leave children or pets in vehicles:
  • Check the back seat before exiting vehicle
  • Leave yourself reminders to check on the child
  • Have schools and daycares report absences immediately
  • Stay cool:  Stay indoors – Consider visiting a mall, theater, or other air‐conditioned location
  • Shut the blinds or drapes on any windows that receive morning or afternoon sun
  • Check on elderly family members and acquaintances frequently
  • Drink plenty of water or other non‐caffeinated/alcohol beverages

 When outdoors:

  • Limit your exposure to direct sunlight
  • Wear sunscreen on all exposed skin surfaces. Children are especially susceptible to burning 

Water safety: 

  • Always supervise children near water 
  • Wear  properly fitting, Coast Guard approved life jacket 
  • Swim at locations that have a lifeguard 
  • River and lake water temperatures are still very cold and quickly drain body heat and energy
  • Take a buddy and a cell phone with you  

BBQ safety:

  • Check the BBQ before using it for damage  
  • Keep a kid‐free zone around the BBQ for their safety
  • Keep BBQs well away from flammable materials such as sun umbrellas  
  • Always stay near the BBQ when it is in use  
  • Alcohol and BBQing do not mix well

Recognize the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and hypothermia:

  • Headache
  • Muscle cramping
  • Profuse sweating or lack of sweating when  a person should be
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Call 911 if these signs or symptoms are severe
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