Communicating with More than Thumbs

We face a leadership crisis.  Technology has replaced interpersonal communication skills with a white noise of text on hand-held screens and devices.  The solution to this crisis is self confidence-confidence in spoken words, thoughtful messages, and engaging actions.  Jackie Bailey is an international speaker, trainer and mentor. She is also the author of SELF Centered Leadership.  Becoming Influential, Intentional and Exceptional.  

Jackie has spend 30 years mentoring youth, and helping them gain confidence in effective expression, interpersonal communication and leadership.  She is a professional speaker in her business, Emerald City Consulting.  Jackie was a semi-finalist in the 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking-putting her in the top 98 of 33,000 speakers internationally.  
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Speak Up and Speak Out Class!

The perfect Class for all 10-17 year olds who will be future leaders!  You have the message.  You want to speak up but lack confidence to share your opinion.  You can communicate with impact.  Communication skills empower you to say exactly what you want to say in exactly the way you want to say it.  

Get more of what you want.  Share your message, and help others to share theirs!

In this 8 week class you will identify your potential to be a powerful communicator and exceptional leader.  You will improve in public speaking, active listening, effective expression and interpersonal communication.  You will develop foundational qualities of influential leadership.  Space is limited to 15.  

 Ages  Weekday  Date  Times  Fee
10-17  Thu Cancelled
6:30-7:30pm  $0