Youth Circus Arts

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Learning acrobatics and human pyramids train students to jump and use momentum.  Juggling, object balancing,
and Chinese Yo-Yo are used in object manipulation, and so much more! Students will get to show off their new skills
at the End of Session Show on the last day of the session. In this Circus Arts Class students will learn the basics of
all sorts of amazing circus skills.

Zora Blade is the instructor for these classes. She transferred into circus from gymnastics at age eleven with
relative ease.  She has performed circus nationally and internationally over the years.  She attended school in
Montreal at the National Circus School and has been coaching and teaching for over ten years. 
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Toddler Circus

 Age  Day  Dates  Time  Fee  Location
 3-4  Thursday  9/14-10/26  11:00-11:45am  $105  Lodge
 3-4  Thursday  9/14-10/26  12:00-12:45pm  $105  Lodge
 3-4  Thursday  11/2-12/21  11:00am-11:45am  $105  Lodge
 3-4  Thursday  11/2-12/21  12:00-12:45pm  $105  Lodge


Introduction to Circus Arts

 Age  Day  Dates  Time  Fee  Location
 5-6  Thursday  9/14-10/26  4:30-5:25pm  $129  Lodge
 7-10  Thursday  9/14-10/26  5:30-6:25pm  $129  Lodge
 5-6  Thursday  11/2-12/21  4:30-5:25pm  $129  Lodge
 7-10  Thursday  11/2-12/21  5:30-6:25pm  $129  Lodge

Homeschool Circus Arts

 Age  Day  Dates  Time  Fee  Location
 7-10  Thursday  9/14-10/26  2:00-2:55pm  $129  Lodge
 7-10  Thursday  11/2-12/21  2:00-2:55pm  $129  Lodge