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New Self-Hauled Recycling Rules for 2018

Post Date:12/21/2017 1:40 PM

Sort it Out:  New recycling rule starts January 2
at King County recycling and transfer stations,
including Bow Lake and Enumclaw facilities

Increased recycling will cut waste, fight climate change, save landfill space

To help cut waste and reduce the amount of recyclable materials in the landfill, the King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) beginning Jan. 2 will ask self-haul transfer station and drop box customers to place selected materials in designated recycling bins or areas at facilities that accept those materials for recycling.

The selected materials are cardboard, scrap metal, yard waste and clean wood (unpainted, untreated lumber, pallets and crates). These materials were selected because they comprise about one third of the total garbage brought to SWD facilities by self-haul customers, and because they are easy to keep separate from garbage. 

The new rule applies to residents and businesses that haul their own garbage, recyclable and compostable materials to King County transfer stations or drop boxes. Self-haul customers use the public lanes at transfer stations.

Starting Jan. 2, self-haul customers at Bow Lake Recycling & Transfer Station and Enumclaw Recycling & Transfer Station will be asked to keep their cardboard, scrap metal, yard waste and clean wood separate from garbage and to place those materials in marked recycling bins or areas at those facilities.

Customers will save time by separating recyclable materials from garbage before arriving at the facility. When customers have both garbage and recyclable materials, they find it helpful to load their vehicles with recyclables first and garbage last. Then, at the facility, customers have their vehicles weighed, unload garbage, pay the garbage fee, and then drop off recyclable materials.   

There will be no change in garbage disposal fees as a result of this recycling requirement, and there is no fee charged to recycle cardboard and scrap metal.  While there is a fee to recycle yard waste and clean wood, that fee is 52 percent lower than the garbage disposal fee.

At both the Bow Lake and Enumclaw facilities, no fee is charged to recycle other items such as paper, glass bottles and jars, aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, jugs and tubs, and textiles. Cans, bottles and other containers should be empty and clean (no liquids or food).   

“When recyclable materials are put back into the economy, they help create local jobs while conserving natural resources by reducing the need to create new products from virgin materials,” said Pat D. McLaughlin, SWD director. “Recycling conserves precious natural resources, including trees, energy and water.”

Recycling services vary by facility. To learn more about what is accepted at King County recycling and transfer facilities, call King County Solid Waste Division at 206-477-4466 or visit the website and select a facility.

Informational Flyer [PDF]

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