City Government

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Maple Valley is organized under the council-manager form of government.  The council-manager form consists of an elected city council, which is responsible for policy making, and a city manager, appointed by the council, who is responsible for administration.  The city manager provides policy advice, directs the daily operations of city government, handles personnel functions, and is responsible for preparing the city budget.

The mayor in council-manager cities is generally selected by the city council.  The person selected must also be a councilmember.  The mayor presides at council meetings and is recognized as the head of the city for ceremonial purposes, but has no regular administrative duties.

In summary:

  • The citizens of Maple Valley elect:
    • The City Council
      • Maple Valley has seven Council members who are elected for four-year, staggered, terms
  • The Council elects:
    • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for two-year terms
  • The Council appoints:
    • The City Manager
  • The City Manager appoints:
    • Department heads and employees

For more information regarding the City Council, citizen Boards, Commissions and Committees, and other elements of government, click on the links below or to the left.