Legacy Site Task Force 2016 Members

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Selection Process and Members of the Task Force

The City Manager’s office, with the concurrence of the City Council, invited neighborhoods within close proximity to the Legacy Site property, City Commissions, and the Maple Valley-Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce to select and assign representatives to sit on the Task Force.  A member of the 2001-2005 Legacy Site Citizens’ Advisory Committee was invited to participate, and Citizen At-Large positions were sought through advertisement on the City website and local newspaper.

Members of the Task Force

Organization/Committee/HOA/Commission                           Name of Representative

  • Katesridge HOA                                                                 Jonathan Miller
  • Lake Forest Estates                                                           Eric Hancock
  • Arbors at Rock Creek                                                         Billy Brewer (Vice Chair)
  • Springhaven HOA                                                               Allen Moore
  • Lake Wilderness Shores Acres                                           Betsy Bradsby
                                                                                            Colby Collier (Alternate)
  • Previous Legacy Site CAC Member                                     Sue Van Ruff (Chair)
  • Maple Valley-Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce            Erica Dial
  • Citizens At Large                                                               Eric LaBrie
                                                                                            Ingrid McPeak
                                                                                            Dave Pilgrim
                                                                                            Ken Kinnear (Alternate)
  • Parks & Recreation Commission                                         Dave Sanderson
                                                                                            Chris Tallman (Alternate)
  • Planning Commission                                                         Bob Rohrbach
  • Public Arts Commission                                                     Byron Mucke
                                                                                            Robin Porter (Alternate)

City Staff providing support to the Task Force include: