Maple Valley Place/Legacy Site Report to City Council June 27, 2005

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On June 27, 2005, the Maple Valley Place/Legacy Project Citizen Advisory Committee transmitted to the City Council its Report to the City Council detailing the CAC's study process, the Maple Valley Place/Legacy Project site history, findings and conditions related to potential development of the site, recommendations for future development, and potential strategies for implementing the CAC's recommendations for the 54-acre publicly-owned property that is across from Rock Creek Elementary School.

The transmittal of the Report to the City Council is the result of over three years of dedicated research and exploration of potential alternatives. The City Council expressed its appreciation of the CAC's extensive time, effort, and continued commitment to the Council's Charge to the Committee.

The City Council will now begin its review and study of the CAC's findings and recommendations. These recommendations have not been approved by the City Council but will be considered as the Council enters its annual near and long term planning and budgeting process for the City.

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