City of Maple Valley

What Employees Say About Working for the City of Maple Valley

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Below are a few quotes from current employees about why they like working for the City of Maple Valley.

Recreation Manager
Mark Ratcliffe

"I have worked for the City of Maple Valley for since 2003, first as a contractor and now as an employee. I can truly say it's been a pleasure and great experience. I was here through the initial challenges involved with starting a new city department (Parks & Recreation) and really can't say enough about the willingness of everyone here to lend a helping hand or provide support to meet the needs of a new and now growing department, from City Council on down the line. As the City of Maple Valley’s population continues to expand to over 20,000 residents, I look forward to meeting and working with any new employees added as we strive to meet the needs of these new families and business."

Public Works Construction Inspector
Tom Bowen

"I came to work for the City of Maple Valley to take on the new challenges of being involved in the growth of a new city, and have input in how the city is designed. Living in the City of Maple Valley and working for my community helps keep me as an employee rooted to the concerns of the citizens, and be able to add a more personal approach to the day to day tasks related to my field of expertise as a public works employee. Compensation for my job is fair, and my co-workers are very close to me, as we are a family that spends much time together developing ways to assist each other, and make every day at work as enjoyable as we can while addressing many hurdles related to our jobs."

Police Civilian Assistant

Robin Larsen


"Working for the City of Maple Valley has expanded my career skills and has provided opportunities and challenges that I will value for a lifetime. I enjoy the strong sense of community pride and fellowship in the workplace and find my coworkers to be very friendly and helpful."

Public Works Program Project Manager

Diana Pistoll


"I love working at the City of Maple Valley because:

  • working at the City of Maple Valley serves a noble cause
  • it is very rewarding to work with and assist the public
  • the pace is fast and furious and there's never a dull moment
  • it's the perfect place for a life long learner, with ample opportunity to learn new skills and disciplines; it's an education in itself
  • it's personally fulfilling to be able to serve the community
  • it's respectable, I feel proud and fortunate to work for the City of Maple Valley
  • working for municipal government gives me an opportunity to make a difference and often to restore the public's confidence that government is working for them rather than the other way around
  • I enjoy building positive relationships with other jurisdictional and regulatory agencies
  • it's wonderful to wake up every day and know you have a friendly place with friendly faces to go to
  • I have met so many wonderful people in the Maple Valley community that I otherwise would not have known and I've developed some really great friendships
  • working at Maple Valley provides an opportunity to be involved in shaping the future
  • I have the good fortune to get to work on environmental projects which I especially enjoy and it allows me to stay current on the ever changing regulatory requirements
  • Maple Valley has wonderful staff who are friendly and eager to help"