Yoga Fusion

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Benefiting from her continued training, Heather’s classes are a fusion of movement, stillness and self-care techniques. Her goal is to bring together exercise science and traditional yogic practices to achieve balance of body and mind, helping to relax, manage stress and anxiety while also improving mobility, flexibility and strength. Class styles rotate weekly and include Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yin Yoga and Self-Massage using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls. See class descriptions below. All levels are welcome.

 Hatha Yoga uses basic postures, movements and stretches in combination with the breath to find a balance of strength, flexibility and relaxation. Class pace is slower and emphasizes alignment, stability and mobility. Modifications and use of props are both welcomed and encouraged.

Somatic exercises are gentle movement patterns that shift your central nervous system to create new muscular habits allowing the brain to break associations between pain and movement.                                                    

Restorative Yoga is a quiet, rejuvenating practice where with the support of props, postures are held for an extended period of time to let the body and mind find complete relaxation. The benefits of this practice are enhanced flexibility, deep relaxation of the body and mind, improved capacity for healing, balancing the nervous system and boosting the immune system.

  Self-Massage using The Roll Model® Method. Reduce stress, improve movement performance and recovery, enhance breathing function, release trigger points in the body and increase body awareness using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls.

Please bring a yoga mat and any props that you may already have. A limited numbers of mats and props are available. It is best to let meals or snack digest before coming to class, but you may drink water during class as needed. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that are not too loose.

Questions please contact the instructor: Heather Ballard, RYT 500, or (206) 571-4248. Minimum of 5 students required per class or session will be canceled. Maximum of 16 students allowed.

Monthly Session Fee: Guarantees your space in class.
Drop in: $13 – participation on a space available basis.

16+ Tue 7/2-7/30 9:00-10:00am $50


Additional questions? Please contact the instructor: Heather Ballard, RYT 500, or (206) 571-4248. Minimum required per class or session will be canceled.