Junior Lifeguard Program at Lake Wilderness

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The mission of the Lake Wilderness Junior Lifeguard Program is to introduce young girls and boys ages 12 - 15 to lake lifeguarding.

The program will teach potential future lifeguards about safe lake and aquatic recreational opportunities and is designed to improve their understanding and respect for the environment, for themselves, and their peers. Hopefully, building enthusiasm and lake knowledge promoting future interest in paid lifeguard positions at Lake Wilderness Park once they turn 16 years old.

This program will bring an age appropriate "day camp" experience to the teenagers of our community through fun and educational activities that include instruction and practice in a lifeguarding environment which offers or combines open water swimming, beach running, paddle boarding, kayaking, self-rescue, and much, much more. Respect for the environment is increased by the understanding gained through daily physical contact with the environment and through hands on experiences and discussion of pertinent marine and aquatic topics. Increased esteem is gained through their personal progress and accomplishments attained throughout the week. Respect for others is increased by contact with compassionate Instructors and by working with other youths and lifeguards in a team structured environment

Registration will Open in Spring/Summer for 2019 classes.

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 Ages  Day  Dates  Times  Fee  Location
 12-15  M-F    9am-1pm  *  LWP & Beach

*Attendees must register and then pass a minimum swimming requirement prior to the start of the session.  More information avaliable by calling Mark Ratcliffe at 425-432-9953.    
No refunds will be issued without a written doctor’s permission to withdraw from the program. The registrant is entitled to a 100% refund, or a credit to his/her account, in the event the Maple Valley Parks & Recreation cancels the program or the participant fails the skills test.