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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people can the Lodge accommodate?
The Lodge can accommodate up to 250 guests for weddings and receptions (Please see Lodge staff for set-up limitations on weddings and receptions with 250 guests). We can also accommodate up to 250 guests for an outdoor lakeside ceremony.

How far in advance can I book the Lodge?
Beginning in January, the following year opens up for rentals. (i.e. January 2019  you can reserve January through December of 2020)

Do you provide the linens / dishes / serving pieces, etc?
We only provide linens on the tables in the Brides and Grooms rooms, but all other items can be procured through your caterer or rental company.

What equipment and facilities come with my rental?
Rental of the Lodge includes the main floor, lower level, mezzanine and use of our warming kitchen. We have 25- 6'x 5' oval tables, 15- 8'x 2.5' rectangle tables, 250 padded chairs and 250 white folding chairs. We also have a 15' x 12' portable dance floor; please ask Lodge staff about placement limitations. We have a sound system wired into all three levels of the Lodge, which includes a 5 disc CD player, IPod docking station, MP3 and laptop hookups and Bose speakers. We have one wireless lapel and hand held microphone available, but each device does require an additional damage deposit.

When do you accept deliveries?
Deliveries to the Lodge can be made only during your contracted rental period. All rental items must be removed by the end of your event.

Who will set my tables, chairs (inside & outside)?
The Lodge staff will take care of the initial set-up and breakdown of our tables and chairs for your event. Any mid-event moves or change to the initial set-up needs to be taken care of by your caterer, friends or family. (The Lodge has up to 250 folding chairs for lakeside ceremonies but no other available equipment for outdoor receptions).

What are your Catering Rules & Regulations? Can we provide our own food? Can we have a potluck?
You are welcome to self-cater or have the caterer of your choice, as long as all food being brought in is pre-prepared. The Lodge is only licensed as a warming kitchen, so you may re-warm food or prepare cold food and trays, but you may not "cook" in our kitchen. So, yes, you may have a potluck, as long as you keep the aforementioned restrictions in mind.

Are we required to use one of your "Experienced Caterers" or can we bring in a caterer of our choice?
The City of Maple Valley allows you to bring in any caterer of your choice. We do, however, as a courtesy if you contract with the lodge, provide a list of caterers who have previously provided services at the Lodge.

Does the Lake Wilderness Lodge charge a Catering Fee?
No, use of our warming kitchen is included in the rental fee for the Main Lodge.

Can we BBQ at our event?
Yes, only outside of the lodge in areas pre-approved by the Fire Marshal, a permit application and fees may be required by Maple Valley Fire & Life Safety. Please see Lodge Staff regarding any other requirements.

Is alcohol service allowed at the Lodge?
Yes, alcohol is allowed at the Lodge as long as the following Rules & Regulations regarding alcohol service & liability are followed.

What type of alcohol can we have at our event?
All types of alcohol can be served at the Lodge - beer (including kegs - pump taps and outdoor use only), white/red wine, champagne & hard alcohol.

Who can serve alcohol during our event?
All alcohol service is the responsibility of the renter and while a Washington State Licensed Bartender is not required, it is suggested as a way to provide responsible alcohol service at your event.

When and where can alcohol be distributed?
Service is allowed during your rented event hours. Alcohol service must end 1 hour prior to your contracted end time. For example, an event ending at 12 a.m. will do last call at 11 p.m. All alcohol must be consumed on and within Lodge grounds. NO Alcohol may be consumed within the Lake Wilderness Park, please ask Lodge staff about the boundaries between the Lodge and Park grounds.

Who is responsible for the alcohol at my event?
The legal responsibility for any guest's consumption of alcohol rests with the individual signing the rental contract. These Rules & Regulations are required for your protection!

Do you require Event Insurance? What does this involve?
Yes, a private rental is required to purchase Event Insurance through the Lodge, which will be included in your rental contract. The Lodge will then purchase your event insurance through Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA). Your Premium Fee is based on your event classification and attendance. Alcohol endorsement can be added to the policy for an additional charge. Event Insurance for most private rentals HELD IN 2018 (Class I) for up to 100 guests is a $76 Premium + $75.00 for the alcohol endorsement. Events (Class I) for over 100 and up to 250 guests are a $101 Premium + $187.00 for alcohol endorsement. Events that are not serving alcohol are only required to purchase the Premium Coverage. 2019 WCIA Event Insurance Pricing has not been set at this time.

Corporations or organizations can substitute the purchase of WCIA Event Insurance by providing a copy of their Commercial Liability Insurance Certificate listing the "City of Maple Valley/Lake Wilderness Lodge as an "Additional Insured" and by listing "Liquor Liability Included" if necessary.

When must I apply for the Event Insurance?
The Lodge will submit the insurance application at the beginning of the month prior to your event. The contracted renter must confirm appropriate classification and pricing with the Lodge Staff at least two months prior to their event so the appropriate coverage is purchased.

What paperwork must I provide to the Lodge in order to have alcohol service permitted at my event?
Private Rentals (weddings, receptions, etc.):
The Lodge will submit the application for WCIA Event Insurance - Including Alcohol Endorsement. The original certificate will be sent to, the contracted renter. A second copy will be sent to the City's Risk Manager and a third copy will be sent to the Lodge.

Corporations / Organizations (including non-profit):
WCIA Event Insurance purchased through the Lodge or Commercial Liability Insurance - properly completed.

Banquet Permit:
When serving any alcohol at your event, you must apply for a Banquet Permit from the Washington State Liquor Control Board for a $10 fee. Visit their website to purchase the permit online and for more information on banquet permits
During your event at the Lodge, the Banquet Permit must be posted in a conspicuous place.

May we have a cash bar?
Private rentals (weddings, parties and receptions) CANNOT HAVE A CASH BAR. Corporate events also CANNOT HAVE A CASH BAR. It is illegal.

It is only legal, for non-profit organizations to have a cash bar and they must supply a Special Occasion License ($60 from the Washington State Liquor Control Board) instead of the Banquet Permit ($10 from any local liquor store). The Special Occasion License takes at least 1 month for approval.

If admission to our event requires the purchase of a ticket or payment upon entrance, must I submit any paperwork to the Lodge?
Yes, if your event charges an admission fee, the WCIA Event Insurance will qualify you.

If our event is open to the public must we submit any paperwork to the Lodge?
Yes, pending review of the specifics of your event.