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Boat Rentals at Lake Wilderness Park

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The City of Maple Valley is pleased to be offering boat rentals on beautiful Lake Wilderness during the summer. Renters will have the option of 5 different types of boats/boards to check out. Whether you’re looking to have some family fun on the lake, exercise, or to simply enjoy exploring the shoreline, we have a way for you to do it.

The Lake Wilderness Beach Program begins June 29, 2020 and ends August 23, 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, boat reservations will not be available online for the 2020 season. All boat reservations will be taken first come, first served on the day of reservation. Rentals must be made in person at the Lake Wilderness Beach Concessions Stand.

Renters are encouraged to provide their own lifejackets to minimize risk. Lifejackets will be provided and disinfected between each use for those who do not have their own lifejacket. 

Concessions and Boat Rentals may be closed due to inclement weather without notice. 

During times that the Swim Beach has been declared closed to swimmers, SUP's will not be available to rent.



 Peddle Boat

Paddle Board 


 Row Boat

(2)Touring Kayaks

(3)Pedal Boats

(8)Stand-up Paddle Boards


 (1)Row Boat

Single Rider

4 person

Single Rider

4-5 person

    3 person
 (2) 2 Person Kayaks
  up to 700lbs  (2) Jr Size Stand-up Boards
  up to 800lbs   up to 395lbs
 (1) 4 Person Kayak
(4) Float Lounges

Boat Rental Rules

  1. USCG Approved Life jackets are required by all renters when using any City of Maple Valley rental equipment.
  2. All renters must read and sign a waiver for every rental use.
  3. Renters must be at least 18 years old to check out rental equipment. Renters under 18 must have a signed waiver from their parents/guardian in advance, unless parent/guardian is present.
  4. City staff must be comfortable with the weather conditions and your ability to safely handle the equipment selected to rent. Staff may require a basic competency/skill test prior to permitting a person to rent any equipment.
  5. The City of Maple Valley reserves the right to refuse rental services to anyone, with or without reason.
  6. All rental equipment has strict restrictions associated with weight and capacity limits; these restrictions must be ad heard to at all times.
  7. Renter safety is paramount - No tipping, rocking, pushing or shoving in excess when in or around rental equipment.
  8. Renters are at no time permitted to consume any substance that could  result in impaired judgment or responses; this includes, but is not limited to, alcohol and marijuana. Any person appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence of any substance that could affect judgment or responses, will not be permitted to use rental equipment.
  9. For safety, paddle boards must stay 25 yards from shore at all times
  10. Renters are responsible for costs to repair/replace damaged rental equipment.
  11. Renters are required to provide a valid drivers license at the time of rental. Following the successful return of undamaged equipment the license will be returned.
  12. All rental equipment must be returned to the Staff at or before 8:00 pm.  A $50 late fee will be added if rental is not returned on scheduled end time. 

Boat rentals are available in person at the concession stand.  The hours of the concession stand are 12:00 noon to 7pm daily as weather permits.  Concession stand will close during inclement weather and hours are subject to change per weather conditions.  

Rental Fee 
$20 per hour

$10 Float Lounges - 2hr rental

If a reservation is cancelled by Park Staff due to vessel malfunction or weather issues a voucher will be issued by Concession staff for time remaining on rental reservation but must be used by the last day of the Lake Wilderness Beach Program.  

Concession stand staff are not able to process refunds, credits or cancellations.  Thank you for your understanding.  

4 Hour Maximum Rental time per vessel