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Home Security Tips

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We live in a rather safe community but the reality is all homes are at risk of being victimized by burglary. There are some very helpful steps you can take that will help an officer or detective possibly retrieve your valuables.

Engrave Your Property

Engraving your valuables with the number on your driver’s license will help in identifying you as the property’s owner. It may also prevent a thief from choosing to steal your belongings because they are more identifiable if they are caught with them. Even if your belongings have a serial number already, engraving your driver’s license number will ease identifying you as its owner.

What? You don’t have an engraver? The Maple Valley Police Department will loan you theirs! Give us a call and if it’s not already checked out, you are welcome to borrow it.

Keep a List of Your Valuables
Make a list of all of your valuables. You might even consider taking pictures of them. Make several copies of your list and store them in two or more secure locations, such as a safe, locked drawer or cabinet. You can also create your list electronically and email it to yourself or someone you trust.

Include on your list a full description of the item including color, make, model, year of manufacture, and any other identifiers, including any engraving.

There are several home inventory software programs available online, some are even free. Consider contacting your home insurance company for one that will best suit your needs.