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Adopted July 9, 2018

The City of Maple Valley seeks to develop and maintain a multi-modal transportation system that is safe, economically and environmentally sustainable and supports community livability.  Pursuant to State Law (RCW 35.77), the City annually updates the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  Projects are developed and prioritized based on specific goals to be achieved by the transportation program, consideration of public safety, operational deficiencies, financing, and availability of regional, state and federal grant programs.

The TIP identifies the schedule, cost and financial plan for the transportation improvement projects that the City intends to complete during the six-year period 2019-2024.  The TIP was adopted by the City Council on July 9, 2018 by Resolution R-18-1257. 

The 2019-2024 Transportation Improvement Plan is also available to view at City Hall, 22017 SE Wax Road, Suite 200.





T-28b, Phase 1 (2018)SE 256th Street Realignment (Under Construction)

The purpose of this project is to improve visibility and accommodate two-way traffic on the intersection of SE 256th Street and SE Witte Road, and to improve the fish passability by the installation of new concrete box culvert. 

The project will include the realignment of SE 256th Street, the removal of the old existing metal culvert and replace it with a larger new concrete box culvert to make it more fish passable and increase the flow capacity in Jenkins Creek. Other work will include the adjustment and relocation of existing utilities, widening the existing roadway on SE 256th Street, the restoration of Jenkins Creek resulting from the installation of the new concrete box culvert.

The construction phase is anticipated to begin in summer 2018.  For more information and comments, please contact Bill Bullock, PE, City Engineer, at and/or 425-413-8800. 

T-28b Phase 1 Project Updates/Look Ahead

T-28b Phase 1 Photos

T-28b Phase 1 SE256th Closure Map

T-28b Phase 1 Project Start Notification [PDF]

T-28b Phase 1 Invitation To Bid [PDF]

T-28b Phase 1 Bid Results [PDF]

T-42, Kent-Kangley (SR516) and 218th Ave SE Intersection Improvement Project (Under Construction)

This project will include adding a left turn pocket on eastbound into 218th Ave SE and construct a refuge/merge lane for motorists existing from 218th Ave SE heading east onto Kent-Kangley (SR516).

This project will reduce the risk of rear end collisions and reduce delays for vehicle waiting to turn left from Kent-Kangley (SR516) into 218th Ave SE.

For project information please contact the City Engineer, Bill Bullock, PE, at 425-413-8800 or

T-42 Project Updates/Look Ahead

T-42 Photos

T-42 Project Start Notification [PDF]

T-42 Project Information Poster [PDF]

T-42 Invitation to Bid [PDF]

T-42 Bid Results [PDF]

T-39, SR 169 Widening/Phase I Improvements/Witte Road SE to SE 240th Street (Design)

Project will include:

  • Curb, gutter, landscape strip, 6-8' wide sidewalk, intermittent retaining wall, and bicycle lane on east side of SR169
  • A second northbound travel lane; center/left turn lane and planted median where warranted
  • Water quality treatment and stormwater flow control using low impact development facilities
  • ADA compliant curb ramps at SE 240th and Witte Road SE crossings
  • Channelization improvements along SR 169 and along SE 240th Street at SR 169

Project objectives are:

  • Complete a 5-lane multimodal transportation facility
  • Decrease congestion and address known major development (6,000+ homes) in an outside jurisdiction
  • Provide additional capacity and improved safety

For project information please contact the project manager, Scott Tkach, PE, CPM, Public Works Director at 425-413-8800.

T-39 Project Information Poster [PDF]

T-39 RFP [PDF]

T-41, 244th Ave SE Shared Use Pathway (Completed)

This project will construct non-motorized shared use path that is approximately 500 feet long within the existing unopened right of way of 244th Avenue SE connecting SE 260th Street and SE 261st Place eliminating a gap to pedestrian access.  This will be a 10 foot wide paved pathway with a 1 foot gravel shoulder on each side and drainage improvements.  A 6 foot high black vinyl chain link fence to help define the 30 foot wide pathway corridor and separate from neighboring properties.  Appropriate crossing and intersection treatments will be included at both ends of the pathway.

Bid Results [PDF]

Notice of Final Acceptance [PDF]

P-15, Maple Valley Community Center Parking Lot (Completed)

The primary purpose of this project is to improve access and parking at the Community Center.  Access will be widened to a 22 foot width to provide full two-way access and the parking lots will be reconfigured, paved, and striped.  Five new compliant ADA parking stalls will be established at the front of the building.  Other improvements include storm water drainage and conduit for additional street lighting on the main parking lot.

Bid Results [PDF]

Notice of Final Acceptance [PDF]

T-24, Maple Valley Crosswalk and RRFB Improvements Project (Completed)

This project will install four Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) Systems at the following locations:  Lake Wilderness Elementary School, Glacier Park Elementary School, and SE Wax Road near Maple Crossing Apartments.

The key benefits will increase driver yielding rate at pedestrian crossings and improve pedestrian safety and comfort.

Construction for this project will be starting on Monday, October 23, 2017.  The working hours (Monday through Friday) for the different locations will be:   from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM on Witte Road SE and on SE 280th Street, and from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on SE Wax Road.  Expect delays due to temporary partial lane closures on the following roads:  SE Wax Road near Maple Crossing Apartments, Witte Road SE near Lake Wilderness Elementary School, and SE 280th Street near Glacier Park Elementary School.  The project was physically completed on November 13, 2017.

For more project information please contact the Public Works Department at 425-413-8800.

Crosswalk Project Information [PDF]

Bid Results [PDF]


T-33a/T-33b, 240th Avenue SE & SE 276th Roadway Improvements (Completed)

SE 276th Street Non-Motorized Improvements (T33a)

This project will construct a missing link of approximately 200 feet of sidewalk along the south side SE 276th just west of SR 169. 

240th Avenue SE Improvements (T33b)
In conjunction with the South Fork subdivision work, this project completes the missing link between SE 271st Street and SE 279th Street along 240th Avenue SE.  This project will construct the missing “half street” just to the east of Glacier Park Elementary School.  The project is combined with the SE 276th Street Non-Motorized project to provide construction efficiencies and was designed by AHBL.

Additional Information

Bid Results [PDF]
Contact Information
Invitation To Bid [PDF]
T-33b Photos
T-33a Photos


T-38, 216th Avenue SE Roadway Improvements (Completed)

Project will improve 216th Avenue between SR 516 and the South City Limit to provide 3-lanes (two travel lanes and a center turn lane/pockets where warranted),  These improvements will also include new curb, gutter, and sidewalk infill on the east side, planter strip, ADA compliant curb ramps, stormwater facilities with bicycle lanes along both sides of street and new pavement as needed.  There will be Illumination, conversion of overhead to underground utilities and removal of existing utility poles along the west side, south of SE 276th St. 


Construction will begin during the week of May 2nd, 2016.

Additional Information

Bid Results [PDF]
Contact Information
Invitation To Bid [PDF]
Photos Project Updates
Traffic Alerts
T-38 Water Quality Improvements


T-28a, Witte Road SE Phase 3 - Road Improvements (SR 169 to SE 240th Street) (Completed)


T-28a - Witte Road - Phase 3 Picture                  T-28a Before Photo - 012115


Project will provide construction of street improvements within right-of-way of Witte Road SE, from SR 169 to SE 240th. This includes removing existing pavement, sidewalk, curb, street lighting and above ground utilities.  The project will construct new pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, planter strips, retaining walls, new LED illumination, storm drain system, underground utilities, franchise utility trench and landscaping.

Click here for more Project Information

T-28, Witte Road Corridor Plan Update (Completed)

     Project T28


The City of Maple Valley has updated the Witte Road Corridor Plan for the sections from SR 516 to SE 249th Place and SE 240th Place to SR 169. The update revised the previous 2001 Corridor Study necessary to reflect the realities of 2013 and beyond.

Project Information


T-37, SR 169 and SE 271st Place Intersection Improvements (Completed)

     Project T37


The project included the installation of a 3-way traffic signal at the intersection of SR 169 and SE 271st Place; concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk along the west side of SR 169; curbing for channelization, illumination, pavement markings, pedestrian crossings, and landscape restoration. The signal became operational on 5/19/2014 and Substantial Completion was granted on 7/2/2014 !

Project Information

SR 169 Maple Valley Roadway Improvements Project (Completed)

Site A: SR 169 - Witte Road to SE 228th Street (Project T-7)

     Project T7 Completed


Project provided an additional acceleration lane on the west side of Maple Valley Highway SR 169. It extended the curb/gutter, bike lane, sidewallk and landscape improvements from the SR 169 Wax Road to Witte Road Improvements Project.


Site B: SR 169 - SE 264th Street to SE 255th Street (Project T-31)

     Project T31a Completed


Project extended the improvements made for the Four Corners/Maple Valley Highway Project (curb/gutter, bike lane, sidewalk and landscape improvements) north along SR 169 past Rock Creek Elementary School.

Project Information





Chain Link Fence Installation Project (Completed)

This project includes constructing the chain link fence and double 14-foot chain link gates in 5 stormwater ponds located in three neighborhoods:  Maple Ridge Highland, Belmonte Court, and Eastwood Forest. Other works includes the removal and disposal of existing wooden fence, chain link fence, fence gate, trees, bushes, post concrete footing, asphalt and concrete pavement and other obstructions. The construction phase will begin on September 5, 2017.  The project was physically completed on October 5, 2017.  For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 425-413-8800.

2017 Chain Link Fence - 110617 1

Bid Results [PDF]                                      Photo Comparisons

Chain Link Fence Project Locations Map [PDF]

S-12 2016 Fernwood Estates Drainage Improvement Project (Completed)

This project includes replacing deteriorated existing stormwater pipes, catch basins,and flow control structure.  Other improvements include regrading and seeding of the stormwater pond, paving, installing concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk with ADA compliance curb ramp, and driveway. The construction is anticipated to begin September 6, 2016 and be completed by no later than 2nd week of October 2016.  There will be temporary shoulder and lane closures during the construction as necessary.  However the affected streets (SE 267th PL and 232nd Ave SE) will not be closed.  For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 425-413-8800.

Bid Results [PDF]                                       Project Photos

Fernwood Estates Drainage Improvement Project Map [PDF]

S-10 2016 Miscellaneous Drainage Improvements & Water Quality Retrofits (Completed)

Constructing and repairing water quality retrofits at eight (8) individual drainage facilities.  These locations are shown on sheet C1 of the contract plans.  The work shall include but is not limited to: Installation and removal of existing piping. Installation of compacted till pond liners and treatment pond liners.  Riprap, spill control facilities and other work. Completing all incidental items necessary to achieve the requirements listed above.

For more information or questions regarding this project, please contact David Casey, City Engineer, Public Works Department at 425-413-8800 or .

Bid Results [PDF]

C1 Map Schedule [PDF]

S-12 2015 Miscellaneous Drainage Improvements & Water Quality Retrofits (Completed)

The construction of 2015 Miscellaneous Drainage Improvement & Water Quality Retrofits was awarded to Iron Creek Construction LLC on May 26, 2015.  

The purpose of this project was to repair and/or to re-construct existing drainage systems to improve and protect water quality in 6 different locations, (Pebble Creek (3 tract locations)), Glacier Point, (Glacier Valley, Div. 2 (2 tract locations)). The work will include re-installing treatment pond liners, removal and re-installation of new storm pipe, and installation of spill control structures. 

For more information or questions regarding this project, please contact David Casey, City Engineer, Public Works Department at 425-413-8800 or .

Bid Results [PDF]

Itemized Bid Tab [PDF]

S-12  2014 Miscellaneous Drainage Improvement Project (Completed)


The construction of 2014 Miscellaneous Drainage Improvement Project began on July 30, 2014.  The contractor was Welwest Construction Inc. of Monroe, WA and was awarded this contract in June 2014.  The purpose of this project was to repair and/or to re-construct existing drainage systems to improve and protect water quality in 8 different locations, (Maple Downs (2 locations), Glacier Trail, Belmonte, Meadows at Rock Creek, Wilderness Point, Parkhaven Place, and Patrick’s Faire). The work will include re-installing of treatment pond liners, re-constructing a bio swale, and installing spill control structures. This project was completed on September 25, 2014.


For more information or questions regarding this project, please contact the Public Works Department at 425-413-8800.


S-14 Lake Lucerne Outlet Replacement and Habitat Enhancements (Completed)

     S-14 After


The project has improved the stormwater conveyance system, enhanced water quality and fish habitat, and will help prevent soil erosion downstream from the outlet of Lake Lucerne. This project was funded by a King County Conservation District (KCD) Member Jurisdiction Grant and by the City's Surface Water Management revenue.

The previously existing culvert, which is located on 26100 block of 220th Pl SE, was removed and replaced with a new and bigger box culvert. The habitat enhancements started at the upstream end of existing 220th Ave SE culvert crossing and extend upstream to the edge of Lake Lucerne.  This project was completed on October 4, 2013.




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