T-28b Phase 1; SE 256th Street Realignment (Witte RD to 220th AVE SE)

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T-28b Phase 1; SE 256th Street Realignment (Witte RD to 220th AVE SE) (Completed 11/29/2018)

The purpose of this project is to improve visibility and accommodate two-way traffic on the intersection of SE 256th Street and SE Witte Road, and to improve the fish passability by the installation of new concrete box culvert. 

The project will include the realignment of SE 256th Street, the removal of the old existing metal culvert and replace it with a larger new concrete box culvert to make it more fish passable and increase the flow capacity in Jenkins Creek. Other work will include the adjustment and relocation of existing utilities, widening the existing roadway on SE 256th Street, the restoration of Jenkins Creek resulting from the installation of the new concrete box culvert.

The construction phase is anticipated to begin in summer 2018.  For more information and comments, please contact Bill Bullock, PE, City Engineer, at bill.bullock@maplevalleywa.gov and/or 425-413-8800. 

T-28b Phase 1 Project Updates/Look Ahead

T-28b Phase 1 Photos

T-28b Phase 1 SE 256th Closure Map [PDF]

T-28b Phase 1 Project Start Notification [PDF]

T-28b Phase 1 Invitation To Bid [PDF]

T-28b Phase 1 Bid Results [PDF]

T-28b Phase 1 Notice of Final Acceptance - 01/28/2019 [PDF]