F-03 (2019)

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F-03; Legacy Site (Farmers' Market Relocation) (Under Construction)

MV Farmers Market 3       Maple Valley Legacy Site
                             Farmers' Market                                                                               Legacy Site (Aerial)

Legacy Site Trees
Legacy Site


Basis for Project:  

The Maple Valley Farmers’ Market is a vibrant community gathering place for the residents of the City of Maple Valley. With its live music, food vendors, and special community events, the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market lives up to its program axiom, “the Saturday Place to be!”  The Farmers’ Market currently resides at Rock Creek Elementary School on Saturdays from mid-June to late September.  Managers of the Farmers’ Market have expressed a desire to expand operations with a greater number of vendor booths and an earlier start to the summer programming.  However, available parking at Rock Creek Elementary School (approximately 2 acres) limits this expansion.  Often, overflow parking spills onto neighboring local roads and State Route 169.  The City of Maple Valley, as a long time sponsor, has committed to helping the Farmers Market grow by providing a new location at the City owned Legacy Site.

The forested 54-acre Legacy Site (Tax Parcel Nos. 2722069159 and 4127000805) is located off of Washington State Route 169 and is owned by the City of Maple Valley.  The proposed location of the Farmers Market Relocation Project is on the eastern property boundary with SR 169.  The Farmers Market is expected to be designed on one acre with four acres of associated parking.  Staff understands City Council desire to make the Farmers’ Market visible from SR 169 while maintaining as many of the trees on site as possible.

For more information and comments, please contact our PW/CD Director, Tawni Dalziel, P.E., at tawni.dalziel@maplevalleywa.gov and/or 425-413-8800.


Construction:                   May 2020 - July 2020

Contractor:                     Ceccanti, Inc.

City Project Manager:      Amy Shaw, P.E.

COVID 19 Safety Plan:

The City of Maple Valley is committed to providing a safe working environment on all City projects in accordance to the Governor’s March 25, 2020 Stay Home, Stay Safe Proclamation. The project will strictly adhere to the Governor’s Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements during construction. Please direct any concerns to the City’s Project Manager, Amy Shaw.

Additionally, the City of Maple Valley and the Maple Valley Farmer’s Market Board is committed to planning appropriate social distancing and public safety precautions for the opening and operation of the Farmer’s Market.  A plan is currently being developed.

Legacy Site (Property Information)


Legacy Site Groundbreaking Announcement - April 29, 2020


F-03 - Legacy Site Topographic and Tree Survey [PDF]
F-03 - Construction Plans [PDF]

Public Outreach

F-03 - 11/12/19 City Council Update [PDF]
F-03 - 10/14/19 Professional Services Award [PDF]
F-03 - 9/9/19 City Council Check-in [PDF]
F-03 - 03/10/20 Construction Contract Award [PDF]