T-28b Phase 2; Witte Road Improvements

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 T-28b Phase 2; Witte Road Improvements (Witte RD & SE 256th ST) (Under Design)

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Basis for Project:   Extending improvements on Witte Road south of the roundabout, this project rehabilitates the road surface and adds pedestrian and bicycle facilities to the corridor serving the neighborhoods north of Pipe Lake and Lake Lucerne.  Improvements include retaining walls on the easterly side to gain the additional width needed to install improvements to a complete streets level of service.

For more information and comments, please our PW/CD Director, Tawni Dalziel, P.E., at tawni.dalziel@maplevalleywa.gov and/or 425-413-8800.

T-28b Ph 2 - Open House Flyer 11/07/2019 [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - Project Information [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - Project Financial Summary [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - Speed Study [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - Traffic Intersection Count [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - 60% Plans (11x17) - 10/14/2019 [PDF]

T-28b Ph 2 - Traffic Evaluation [PDF] - Note:  The attached intersection evaluation recommendation demonstrates the current volumes do not meet the threshold for a left turn pocket at the Witte Road/SE 254th Street intersection.  However, City council gave direction to the design team to move forward with including the left turn pocket in the current project as an enhancement to the corridor at their April 15, 2019 project workshop.

T-28b Ph 2 - 90% Special Provisions - 1/30/2020 [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - 90% Plans (11x17) - 1/30/2020 [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - 90% Water Quality Plans (11x17) - 1/30/2020 [PDF]
T-28b Ph 2 - Traffic Management [PDF]