T-39 Project Photos

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 August 5, 2019 Construction Photos

104, Wall Rebar sheet 1-19.07.26-9.59PM-104, Wall Rebar sheet 1 Photo markup_1 104, Wall Rebar sheet 1-19.07.29-6.29PM-104, Wall Rebar sheet 1 Photo markup

104, Wall Rebar sheet 1-19.08.01-11.41PM-104, Wall Rebar sheet 1 Photo markup 104, Wall Rebar sheet 1-19.08.02-4.37PM-104, Wall Rebar sheet 1 Photo markup

22, RD05 Roadway-19.08.01-5.27PM-22, RD05 Roadway Photo markup_1 22, RD05 Roadway-19.08.01-8.30PM-22, RD05 Roadway Photo markup

July 19, 2019 - Construction Photos

44, WL02-19.07.02-5.38PM-44, WL02 Photo markup_1 44, WL02-19.07.03-6.34PM-44, WL02 Photo markup

22, RD05 Roadway-19.08.01-8.55PM-22, RD05 Roadway Photo markup

44, WL02-19.07.17-9.03PM-44, WL02 Photo markup 44, WL02-19.07.17-9.03PM-44, WL02 Photo markup_1

44, WL02-19.07.17-9.07PM-44, WL02 Photo markup 46, WL04-19.06.26-3.00PM-46, WL04 Photo markup

 June 24, 2019 - Pile Wall and Wall Lagging Construction

001 Pile Wall Construction002 Pile Wall Construction

003 Pile Wall Construction004 Pile Wall Construction

005 Wall Lagging006 Wall Lagging

007 Wall Lagging008 Wall Lagging

009 Wall Lagging010 Pile Wall Construction

011 Pile Wall Construction012 Pile Wall Construction

100 Storm Water Pipe Construction

  May 24, 2019
31, DR04-19.05.17-5.33PM-31, DR04 Photo markup_143, WL01-19.05.20-6.49PM-43, WL01 Photo markup

                                    Install Storm Water Catch Basin                                   Soldier Pile Drilling


43, WL01-19.05.20-7.02PM-43, WL01 Photo markup  

Soldier Pile Drilling


  43, WL01-19.05.23-3.05PM-43, WL01 Photo markup

                                 Soldier Pile Concrete                                               Soldier Pile Drilling

April 22, 2019

1, CV01-19.04.22-2.48PM-1, CV01 Photo markup

April 25, 2019

92, CS02-19.04.25-2.40PM-92, CS02 Photo markup

April 29, 2019 - Site Prep

11, SP02 site prep-19.04.29-6.10PM-11, SP02 site prep Photo markup12, SP03 Site Prep-19.04.29-8.00PM-12, SP03 Site Prep Photo markup

May 5, 2019

31, DR04-19.05.06-3.50PM-31, DR04 Photo markup34, DR07-19.05.09-7.45PM-34, DR07 Photo markup