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If the Lights Go Out

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If you lose electrical service during the winter, follow these tips:

  1. Call your utility first to determine area repair schedules. Turn off or unplug lights and appliances to prevent a circuit overload when service is restored. Leave one light on to indicate power has been restored.
  2. To help prevent freezing pipes, turn on faucets slightly. Running water does not freeze as quickly as standing water.
  3. Protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning:
    • DO NOT operate generators indoors; the motor emits deadly carbon monoxide gas.
    • DO NOT use charcoal to cook indoors. It, too, can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide gas.
    • DO NOT use your gas oven to heat your home; prolonged use of an open oven in a closed house can create carbon monoxide gas.
  4. Make sure fuel space heaters are used with proper ventilation.
  5. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to help reduce food spoilage.