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T-7 and T-31; SR 169 Maple Valley Roadway Improvements

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SR 169 Maple Valley Roadway Improvements Project (T-7 and T-31) (Completed)

Site A: SR 169 - Witte Road to SE 228th Street (Project T-7)

Project T7 Completed


Project provided an additional acceleration lane on the west side of Maple Valley Highway SR 169. It extended the curb/gutter, bike lane, sidewallk and landscape improvements from the SR 169 Wax Road to Witte Road Improvements Project.

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Site B: SR 169 - SE 264th Street to SE 255th Street (Project T-31)

Project T31a Completed


Project extended the improvements made for the Four Corners/Maple Valley Highway Project (curb/gutter, bike lane, sidewalk and landscape improvements) north along SR 169 past Rock Creek Elementary School.

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Project Status

The contractor is finished! The project sites have been completely striped and the project is in “Substantial Completion”; there are just a few minor things and paperwork before we move to Final Acceptance and closeout. Thank you for your patience as we constructed the project and the hope is that you are enjoying the many upgrades to Maple Valley Highway.


Site A (Witte Road to 228th – T7)

T-7 Before Construction Project T7 Completed



Site B (264th to 260th – T31a)

Project T31a Before Construction Project T31a Completed



Project Background

State Route 169 – Maple Valley Highway (SR 169) is the major transportation corridor through the City of Maple Valley. Due to increased traffic and congestion on SR 169 the City determined that roadway improvements were needed along SR 169. The SR 169 corridor services the Wilderness Village and Four Corners shopping areas, as well as providing commuter transportation to Maple Valley residents and residents of other cities.

Since there was limited funding available from the City or from Washington State Department of Transportation for this State Route, the City pursued grants to help with funding the construction of the Capital Improvements Projects T-7, SR169 - Witte Road to 228th Ave SE and T-31, SR169 - SE 264th Street to SE 260th Street. The City was able to procure a grant from the state Transportation Improvement Board for project T-7 and a state Department of Commerce Grant for project T-31.

The City of Maple Valley began improvements to SR 169 with the Wax to Witte Road project, then the Gateway project, and most recently the Four Corners project. Previous to these projects, there were no sidewalks, bicycle lanes, or drainage, and limited illumination along the corridor. Utilizing the grant funds and City funds, the City combined the T-7 and the first phase of T-31 into one SR 169 improvements construction project. The project was advertised for bid, resulting in the City awarding and executing a construction contract with ICON Materials in May, 2012. This project will continue the improvements that were completed in the previous projects along the highway.

Project Description

SR 169 (Witte Rd. to 228th Ave. SE) Improvement Project  - CIP #T-7

This schedule of the project will add a right lane in the south bound direction between Witte Road and 228th Avenue SE (curb/gutter, bike lane, sidewalk, underground utilities, pedestrian illumination, and landscape improvements).

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SR 169 (SE 264th Street to SE 260th Street) Improvement Project - CIP #T-31a – Schedule B

This schedule of the project will extend the improvements made for the Four Corners/Maple Valley Highway Project (curb/gutter, bike lane, sidewalk, underground utilities, illumination, and landscape improvements) in both the northbound and southbound directions along SR-169.

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Both schedules of the project will result in the following benefits:

  • Alleviate traffic congestion and improves the movement of freight and vehicles on a Highway of Statewide Significance
  • Improve the environment by reducing air pollution caused by vehicle delay and collecting and treating storm water runoff
  • Enhance pedestrian safety and mobility, including access to transit, by providing an ADA compliant sidewalk and bicycle lane