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"Is it possible that just two words can make someone's day or change someone's life? What if those same two words could change the world?" -- Cheryl Rice, creator of the You Matter Marathon

The You Matter Marathon (no running required) was created to foster positive connections between people by sharing "You Matter" cards. 

Thanks to modern technology, people have multiple ways to connect with other people, and yet many of us feel isolated and disconnected. On social media platforms, we chase "likes" and tie our self-worth to the number of subscribers we have or follows. 

There is a benefit to letting people know that they matter. It matters to the person we tell and it matters to us. Telling another human being that they matter makes you a better more human being.

Some people go their entire lives not ever hearing they matter, but with your help, we can change that here in Maple Valley!  

The You Matter Marathon was launched globally in 2016, and since then over 100,000 people have participated handing out more than 1 million cards in all 50 states and 70 countries. 

We are inviting the Maple Valley community to join us and compete in the Maple Valley You Matter Marathon *No Running Required!

Where do I start?

The Maple Valley You Matter Marathon will run from November 1st through November 27th

You can order a packet of "You Matter" cards from the You Matter Marathon website, or you can pick up a pack at the following locations:

City Hall
22017 SE Wax Road, Ste. 200
Maple Valley, WA 98038


Lake Wilderness Lodge
22500 SE 248th Street
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Once you have your cards, share them with friends, family, and the people you encounter in the community.  For ideas on how to hand out cards, watch Cheryl Rice's TEDTalk, "You Matter: Changing the World with Two Words."

I received a card. Now what?

You matter! Now that you have the card you can either keep the card as a pleasant reminder or you help spread the message and pass the card along to someone else. 

Share your story!

Share your "You Matter" story and you will be entered into a drawing to win a prize!  Let us know when and where you handed out cards. How did handing out the cards make you feel? If you received a card, when and where did you receive your card. How did you feel when it was given to you? Or you can just share a photo of you handing out and/or receiving a card. 

Stories and/or photo may be emailed or posted to Instagram with the hashtag #YouMatterMV (post must be public). You can also share on Facebook and tag the city @maplevalleywa (posts must be public).  

If you have any questions, please contact us at 425-413-8800. 

You Matter Marathon Flyer [PDF]

Local movement lifts hearts across globe [video]

You Matter Marathon [video]